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Fast & Free Loan Scheme

It is a sad fact that from the point of applying for a chair, children often have to wait up to 18 months to actually receive it.  The 'Fast & Free' loan scheme aims to address this. Although the scheme is currently not running, we hope that in time we can build the necessary reserves to provide powerchairs to children whilst they wait for their permanent powerchair. This will give them the freedom they need. If you would like to help us fundraise for this scheme please call us, or use the Contact Us to get in touch.

1.We ask manufacturers to offer their chairs for a weekly rental fee

2. Little Gems raises funds to cover the costs of the most economical chair

3. If you want one of the more expensive chairs, we ask you to 'top up' the extra amount yourself

  Weekly Rental Top-up
Chair A £000 £000
Chair B £000 £000
Chair C £000 £000
Chair D £000 £000